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People that want to use you for sex. Alternatively, a vampire may reflect feelings about people that you believe want to pull you down to their level or convert you to thinking negatively in way similar to them. To dream of being a vampire represents a selfish need to use or feed off others. You may be dependent on someone else to achieve goals.

To dream of being bitten by a vampire represents feelings about other people using you or feeding off of you and being unable to stop it. If you dream of being bitten by a vampire and turning into a vampire yourself it may reflect feelings about yourself changing your honest mindset towards using other people because you were used.

A bad experience with a jerk that has converted you into wanting to be a jerk. Vampires in a dream may be a sign of dependence, problems with addiction, social pressure, or ambivalence. You or someone else may be feeding off someone emotionally. Vampires can also reflect an illness that is draining your time and energy. A vampire in a dream might be telling you that you need to start being more independent, and relying less on others resources or accomplishments.

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You need to start caring about people, valuing them, or respecting them. Alternatively, a vampire may reflect a need to stand up to people who are using you. You may need to cut someone off. To dream of killing vampires represents overcoming dependence on others. It may also mean that you are confronting people or situations that are feeding off you materially or emotionally. Example: One person dreamed of being a vampire. In real life they were using a friend to get ahead in school. Example 2: A few people have dreams of vampires biting them after they catch a cold.

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Example 3: A woman once dreamed of a vampire following her around wherever she went. Flower Dictionary A-Z guide of flower meanings.

Occult Dictionary Understand occult terms. Herb Dictionary Learn about what herbs mean. Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings. In this dream you may have Been attacked by a vampire. Turned into a vampire. Saw a lot of vampires and had a reaction positive or negative.

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Wished you were a vampire. Fell in love with a vampire. Gave yourself to a vampire. Were chased by vampires. Dressed up as Count Dracula. Saw someone that looked like a Vampire. Saw a vampire movie.

Went Trick or Treating. Fell in love with an attractive and romantic vampire. Detailed dream meaning This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life Falling in love and having a good relationship. Desiring a change of a sexual nature. Being bored sexually in your relationship.

A Journal of the Plague Century: Civilization Goes Viral. Stuff Ensues.

Being influenced by negative people. Accepting and adapting to change. Being resistant to change.

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