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These evidences affect our lives and speak to our souls, often causing humans to respond with wonder, wisdom, gratitude or repentance see Gen. Signs, wonders and prophecies. God speaks through signs, wonders and prophecies prompted by the Holy Spirit, including tongues with interpretation, by these means edifying believers and convincing unbelievers of His power and presence see 2 Kin.

God Still Speaks

Still, small voice. God speaks by His "still, small voice," addressing people within their hearts with personal assurance, correction, insight or guidance by His own express choice to do so see 1 Kin. God speaks through His authoritative Word, the inspired and inerrant holy Scriptures see 2 Tim. Jesus Christ. Christ has revealed the Father's heart of love to us and has become our only way of salvation for returning to Him see Heb.

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The evidence of God's Word is that He is always reaching and speaking, always seeking to touch and embrace, as well as to teach and correct. Seeing these several means, however, only reminds us again of the Bible's authority in every facet of our judgment on this issue:. First, we only know that we may believe God speaks to people in these ways, and that they are spiritually valid, because the Bible says so. Second, we only measure what we may perceive God say in these ways by the Bible's full teaching and authority.

In other words, what God says by any means must be judged in the light of an absolute means--that absolute, of course, is the whole Bible. These principles should settle the issue. The fear of exaggerating the relative importance of "what God said to me," or of falling into deception via any word or spirit, is dispensed as each believer resolutely avoids, and indeed rejects, any ideas of "continuing revelation.

The Bible is the final authority on all of life's foundational and ultimate issues. Anyone arguing otherwise should not be regarded; any Christian leader arguing otherwise should be confronted.

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But with those points of control, nothing in the Bible justifies the position of anyone who denies the biblical grounds for God speaking to people today. Nor is there any biblical justification for anyone who declares that those of us who say things God has spoken to us are thereby embracers of error. Two well-known anti-charismatic writers both of whom call me a friend, for which I'm thankful categorize everyone who says, "God spoke to me" as a person who believes in the fallacy of continuing revelation, or extrabiblical revelation they name me as one of these, too.

Of course, they are wrong about me and wrong about most charismatics I know.

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And "while we're talking extrabiblical," we might assert that it's extrabiblical to teach that God doesn't speak to His people today, since the Bible is full of instances of God speaking to people! Further, the Bible uses the word "revelation" in a dual sense, which we must clearly understand. Let the nit-picking over the use of the word revelation be stopped. In Ephesians , the apostle's prayer for "the spirit of wisdom and revelation" to enlighten the hearts of believers indicates that God does reveal things to His children today.

Such revelation is never to be equated with the closed canon of the Scriptures. We clearly understand that the Bible is a closed, or finished, book. But such revelation ought to be welcomed as the Holy Spirit brings the truths of His Word alive and ignites faith to embrace the Father's purposes for us see vs. There are not, nor will there ever be, any other books, verses or ideas to be added to the Bible or placed beside it as equal in authority or revelation.

Settling these issues, I should think the biblical doorway should be left open to expecting that God may speak to any one of us at any time. Why not? This was where we all started anyhow. Whatever testimony any of us bear, our story begins somehow, somewhere, when in some way, God spoke to us. And while it took His Word to clarify the Way, the Truth and the Life, the fact is that there have been innumerable ways God has spoken to people in drawing them to Himself--including speaking words to them.

Moreover, in asking that honesty prevail with both what Scripture says and with what the Holy Spirit has done in drawing many of us to Christ, let's admit that the expectation of "God talking with me" has been celebrated in the church for ages. His personal presence, speaking to us in our daily walk, has been unapologetically acknowledged and has found a frequent place in the hymns sung by the people of the Lord.

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Among classic, widely sung examples in this century:. Consistent with this song, who can forget the unabashed liberty of a preceding generation, which rose to testify in song every Easter:. He lives! So why has this current rash of criticism lifted its head?

Why speak against or attempt to intimidate sincere, Bible-centered believers and accuse us of carelessness concerning God's Word, simply because we say we hear His voice?

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Let it be settled: God still speaks in all the same ways He always has. He is the changeless God, and His reach to humankind continually extends by every communicative means--including His intimately speaking with His own sons and daughters in Christ, by the Holy Spirit. Help Charisma stay strong for years to come as we report on life in the Spirit. Click here to keep us strong! Mark Rutland. If you're the type of leader that likes to have total control over every aspect of your ministry and your future success, the NICL is right for you!

Rutland's full leadership course. Does He really have a master plan for our lives? Or are we merely victims of blind chance? God is indeed interested in us as individuals. He does in fact have a master plan for our lives, and He does truly want to speak to us. Jesus described Himself as our Good Shepherd see John And as His sheep, we can hear His voice. But how can we know when God is the one speaking?

We need to remember that God speaks to us primarily through His Word. He will never lead us contrary to anything He says there. Instead, we have a sure guide: the Word of God. The Book widens and deepens with our years. So listen to your Shepherd. Read His Word, and let it bear fruit in your life. Read More from Greg Laurie.

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