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We can see at a glance that the Vegas games play much differently than playing poker online. This extra looseness is a key reason Donkey Games are so easy to beat. They play too many hands and they must find a way to shed them postflop when they miss. Or they marginally hit and don't fold until they have lost even more chips. Their preflop looseness is like building a pyramid on top of sand rather than bedrock.

Another major difference is preflop aggression. This extra passivity is actually somewhat understandable when we consider that the average size of a preflop raise is much higher in Vegas Row 3. Most Donkey Gamers have concluded that raising preflop doesn't pay. They raise to 5 BBs and still get called by too many villains. So if doubling the raise size nevertheless results in twice as many callers, it's not surprising that Donkey Gamers don't like to raise without a premium hand.

Another indication of passivity is their preflop three-betting percentage Row 6. This reluctance to three-bet probably comes from the same rationale that makes them reluctant to raise in the first place. Note that a 0. This makes the typical three-bet a very transparent action.

Tournament Poker Strategies for Donkeys - The Play Book (ebook)

Once we have identified a player as generally passive, his three-bet should be a loud warning bell. Row 4 shows the position awareness stat "PAW". The average player on online poker sites plays about 20 percent more often from late position than from early position, which is only slightly position-aware. But the average Vegas player is even worse, playing the same number of hand regardless of position. The typical Donkey Gamer plays his hand if he likes it, with little regard for his position.

He is position-dumb. We can also see that in Vegas games final pot sizes are much larger Row 7 , there are many more "family pots" Row 9 , and more players see an average flop Row 11 — all of which confirms that game dynamics should be different for Donkey Games. Perhaps limping is going to be more acceptable, since we are less likely to be raised off of hands, and since we are more likely to get paid off.

Bluffing is the most recognized, but there are other subtle ways to fool players to gain an advantage. A fun one is turning into a donkey for one hand.

Tournament Poker Strategies for Donkeys: The Play Book

Astute poker players will spot donkeys and work them over for easier paydays. One distinction is that weak players who play tight and often fold are not donkeys, as they are not making foolish or stubborn moves. The real poker donkey is stubborn and brash, forcing plays with weak hands hoping to get lucky — and consistently losing. You can purposely make a bad move and even absorb a small loss for everyone to see. They overplay hands that have low odds of winning, such as playing an rather than folding as any experienced player would.

Poker Donkey- An Intense View