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Live hair stood in the wind, in the wind rushing, young fingers made the V in a blur of trumpets— These who shorn return, whose drifting eyes lift to our peaks whence help it is said cometh mark there the sign inverse, the edged reminder Poems excerpted from Belle Turnbull: On the Life and Work of an American Master edited by David J.

He was also considered a great druid, mixing wisdom with magic.

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Second is the Sword of Nuada. This picture comes from ancientpages.

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The sword was brought by the poet Uiscias from the city of Findias. Nuada was the first king of the Tuatha. Next is the Stone of Destiny.

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  • It was brought by the poet Morfessa from the city of Falias. It would cry out when the rightful heir touched it. Reminds me of King Arthur legends with Excalibur.


    Cuchulain, a great hero in Irish mythology, apparently got pretty angry when the stone refused to cry out to the man he wanted to be king. He tried to split it with his sword. The stone remains among us mortals, in County Meath, on the hill Tara. From the pictures it looks taller. Many battles were fought at the foot hills of Tara.

    Follow these 9 clues to find Forrest Fenn's treasure!

    Lastly, is the Spear of Lugh. It was brought by Esras from the city of Gorias. Lugh, like Nuada, is the barer of the weapon. He is considered a young warrior god of light for the Tuatha.

    Ernest Christopher Dowson

    No one could withstand the spear, making the wielder invincible. The Smithsonian channel did a show on sacred sites in Ireland.

    An interesting idea they presented is that of the legend of Lugh. He coincides with a comet. Up until that time, most Irish legends are concerned with the earth. But the comet brought attention to the sky. Lugh is shown as bright light, wielding a spear, shooting across the sky, like a comet. Ancients would have been astounded by a comet, believing it something to do with the gods.

    It makes interesting scientific sense of lore.

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    All of treasures are really ways to win a war and run a kingdom. An army needs food to sustain it and weapons to overcome the enemy as well as a ruler that you have total faith in. The Stone of Lia Fail is the only remaining treasure. Remember how the Tuatha went to the otherworld? Well, they took their treasures with them.